1st-cycle studies - Bachelor's Degree

1st-cycle studies - Bachelor's Degree

If you plan your professional career in either government or self-government administration, or as a specialist to European affairs, choose administration. You will acquire practical skills and obtain language certificates which enable you to work in modern administration, in accordance with the international standards, both in Brussels and Strasbourg, as well as in Warsaw. You will learn how to raise the quality of relations between the state and the citizens, and prepare to perform professional work in favour of local self-government, the government, customs and fiscal administration, and the services of public policy. »

The faculty of Economics offered by WSAP is an innovative solution in terms of the formula of acquiring economic knowledge, practical skills and competence . Thanks to modular training and classes run by practitioners, the process of acquiring professional qualifications will be effective and efficient. »

WSAP is the only college in the region which educates professional civil and uniformed services employees in terms of security, defensive power, crisis management, threat monitoring, protection planning and emergency medicine. Thus, if you plan a career in the structures of public administration, an organisation, an institution or a group dealing with security issues – choose WSAP. Homeland Security is an innovative programme promising attractive, practical qualifications, adjusted to the current needs of a wide labour market. »

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