Information about WSAP

Information about WSAP

Tradition and modernity
was founded in 1996 as an initiative of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy. It is a non-state and non-profit school of higher education.

Our graduates are professionals who are ready to face challenges and are prepared, also in the practical sense, to work in the Polish and international public administration, politics, science, culture, and economy. We guarantee high level of education; we make every effort to ensure a positive image of our students and graduates. The best ones are offered a possibility of student practice and internships abroad. They are already benefiting from the experiences offered by our partners from all over Europe.

The College is located in a picturesque park complex. It is based in the historical 19th-century Lubomirski Palace and in the modern Collegium Novum building. The Lubomirski Palace offers comfortable teaching rooms. These include lecture halls of 200 seats (air-conditioned and equipped with an audio system, screens, overhead projectors, comfortable chairs) and 11 classrooms with audio-video equipment, overhead projectors. Since 2004, the students have been using the new building of Collegium Novum. It houses two lecture halls of 450 and 250 seats respectively, as well as 14 classrooms equipped with computers, which provide access to the internet and legal software.
Students also have library, gym and fitness room at their disposal, as well as the Papagayo pub. The College is in the possession of simultaneous interpretation equipment: two interpretation booths, 8 interpretation desks. Moreover, we also have videoconference equipment that consists of many elements, allowing for distance lectures and presentations. The set includes: videoconference codec, amplifier, ceiling camera, LCD TV set, DVD recorder, camera driver, and conference microphones.

Continual investments and expansion of college infrastructure are made to create for our students possibly comfortable conditions to study and develop their passions and interests. In October 2011, College made new builiding - Collegium Universum - available for students. It houses two halls of 400 seats respectively and many fully-equiped classrooms.

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