Postgraduate Studies

Postgraduate Studies

Gain practical knowledge in terms of preparing projects financed by UE, obtaining funds and effective fund management. »

Learn about the latest methods of teaching and broaden your knowledge about social sciences and issues concerning the European Union. »

Learn to manage the projects financed by the European Union effectively. »

The studies are directed to the employees of social assistance and social integration institutions, and will teach EU financial project management. »

The studies, directed to the employees of Provincial Police Headquarters, are meant to broaden knowledge and skills in order to develop a civic society. »

Learn about the latest methods of management in Police and the means employed in effective people management. »

Upgrade your qualifications and skills in terms of planning and performing tasks related to social assistance. »

The course of study in ‘Social Assistance Organisation’ at WSAP educates about 77 employees of social welfare and social integration institutions. »

Acquire knowledge about how to plan your and other people’s career. Become a counsellor. »

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